The Burning of the Worlds

Battle At The Bridge

As everyone in the coach realized that their cover is blown Hazdrubal yelled to the driver: “Back up…our cover is blown!”. “Shy whores?! Really?”, the barbarian exclaimed turning to Pernissa. But the guard on the left already managed to open the door and trust his sword into the wizard. To everyones horror Pernissa only managed to form the name Daniel with her lips, as if asking for help, before collapsing. Hazdrubal quickly took her place at the door trying to defend the fallen comrade. Aetius was fighting the other guard at his side of the coach, with only a few strikes landing for ether of them. The horses reared and neighed slowly backing up. Hazdrbal was just about done with his opponent when things went from bad to worse. The men in front were intentionally trying to scare the animals and just before they reached the safety of shore, one of the horses slipped and fell into the river dragging the rest of the coach with it.

Barely escaping in time, Hazdrbal and the other realized that this was going to be their last stand. At least one of the guards went down with the horses. But they still had to worry about four more, two just came running from the gate which was now open. Both the druid and the barbarian were wounded, luckily Daniel was still unaware how badly Pernissa was hurt and focused on the fight. Spells started flying as the sorcerer unleashed his powers. Hazdrbal entered a battle frenzy and Aetius focused hackeing at their enemies… two of the guards fell.

Just when things started looking better and a smile appeared on the barbarians face a terrible pain ravaged his body. A sword went all the way through Hazdrbals abdomen. He grabbed the blade, all thought left him, except for the idea of dying. Aetius held on for a few more seconds but the raging guard he was fighting was too much of a challenge. Daniel saw what was happening and looked down upon his wife, bloodied and dieing. Falling to his knees and taking her into his arms the terrible reality of the situation struck him. He heard Aetius cry out in pain as his enemy slashed and showed him to the ground only to make way to his next target. All Daniel could think about was being with Pernissa. He would rather die here and now, then live on without her. Thats when his wish was granted and the raging soldier claimed another victim.

Hazdrubal tried to focus…His vision was blurring and sound started to fade. He was losing a lot of blood and he knew it. Looking into the eyes of his would-be killer, he saw bewildering fear. The guard was trying to pull out his sword from Hazdrubal stomach to no avail. The barbarians grip was strong, clutching at the blade, still in a battle frenzy.

Hazdrubal looked around. Aetius was on his back, his blood turning the grass around him to a crimson bed of death. The druid was well aware that this was the last chance he had to gaze upon the beauty of the sky. It seems his time in the world was over. Daniel was on his knees holding Pernissa, the love of his life… whispering a final goodbye, droplets of tears and blood falling from his face, landing on her pale cheeks almost completely devoid of life.

Hazdrubals grip on the sword in his stomach was slowly weakening and the guard finally managed to yank the weapon out. Losing his balance Hazdrubal fell to his knees and everything turned to darkness…

Story so far...

An unlikely party formed in the great city-state of Elios.
A barbarian Hazdrubal Jerro, druid Aetius Silver, wizard Pernissa Bigsby and sorcerer Daniel Bigsby met up and decided to try adventuring together. As luck would have it a month later they ended up in the same inn they started from, the only difference being…they were broke.

Sitting at a table in a dark corner of the Jolly Dwarf, obscured by tobacco smoke, they tried to figure out what to do next. Tomorrow would be a cold day in the street if no gold could be earned. Just as Hazdrubal was picking up some old tobacco from the floor, putting it into his pipe carefully as if it were made of diamonds, an odd looking elf approached them.

Looking out of place and confused he introduced himself as Radaghast.
Suggesting that the group of adventurers follow him to his room and discus a job proposition, they left leavening the inns “dinning room”, if you could call it that, none the wiser of their absence.
A group of sailors sat at their table and it was like they were never there.

And so the story begins…


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